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Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Testing

PIPE-EQUIP can provide extensive engineering design experience in up; down and midstream oil & gas systems; early production systems; production and injection facilities; offshore platform; flow measurement systems; flow lines, pipelines facilities such as; compressor stations; pigging facilities; pump stations and others. Our group also has access to qualified and capable personnel structure to provide quality assurance; pre-screened and pretested inspectors as part of a full package of services. As a leader in the industry, PIPE-EQUIP will fabricate skid-mounted equipment that makes shipping and field installation easy.

Process Equipment

PIPE-EQUIP fabricates filtration/separation systems to separate hydrocarbons from gas coming from the production fields; drying the gas and distributing it to operate pneumatic instrumentation at offshore platforms. Systems are designed; fabricated and tested in accordance to client’s specifications or requirements.


PIPE-EQUIP fabricates liquid and gas measurement equipment to customer specifications and all applicable codes. PIPE-EQUIP will fabricate using single or dual chamber online fittings, ultrasonic meters, turbine meters, positive displacement meters, or any equipment required to assure the precise measurement of your product. PIPE-EQUIP will provide quality equipment that meets you requirements, from single meter tubes to complete skid-mounted systems with buildings and all necessary instrumentation.

Separation-Filtration Systems

  • Gas Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone, GLCC
  • Leasing Automatic Custody Transfer Units
  • Metering Systems
  • Chemical Injection Systems
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery Systems
  • Draining Systems
  • Pig Traps Systems
  • Vapor Recovery Units

Start-up Assistance

PIPE-EQUIP will provide Start-up service if required under a daily rate or lump sum contract.


PIPE-EQUIP will provide training service if required under a daily rate or lump sum contract.

Components / Documentation & Testing